Joe Hisaishi

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The challenge was to create music videos to help launch the album Essential Joe Hisaishi featuring renowned Japanese composer and conductor Joe Hisaishi. 

Time Will Tell produced two highly stylized videos for the songs “One Summer’s Day” and “Summer” showcasing Hisaishi’s deeply emotional playing and conducting.

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  • 04:03
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One Summer’s Day

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“Joe Hisaishi is a rare artist, and we knew we could trust Time Will Tell to capture his uniqueness perfectly. The feedback was incredible, attracting more than 46 MM views & 1.2 MM Likes on YouTube alone in less than one year.”

Liz Hart, Video Commissioner, Verve Label Group

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46 Million Views & 1.2 Million Likes on YouTube

The videos proved to be very effective at driving awareness on social media, attracting more 
than 46MM views, 1.2 MM likes and over 40 thousand comments on YouTube alone in less than one year.


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