Return on imagination

Time is the true luxury. Understanding this lets us engage on a deeper level with those who choose to spend time with your brand.

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Time Will Tell Films creates audio-visual content programmes that involve, nurture and grow your audience over the long term. By inspiring people with your brand’s unique qualities, heritage and prestige, they are rewarded with a feeling of time well-spent.

Our roots are in the production of beautiful and meaningful imagery. Since then, we’ve evolved to cover the entire value chain from content development to creation to performance.

The development of a consistent visual language that is used across all channels, scalable and adaptable to all markets is of a great importance in a constantly evolving global economy. 

This resulted in the creation of 360° content packages ranging from TV commercials all the way to social media posts. Always with a focus on high quality and a consistent look and feel across all platforms.

What we do

We deliver comprehensive high-value content strategy, creation and performance programmes. Our peace of mind process puts you and your brand at the centre of everything we do, supporting you through a seamless collaborative journey.

Our strategic approach includes content and campaign development, social media content strategy and luxury and high-value insights and trends.

Content Development
  • Strategic luxury insights & trends
  • Creative content programme conception and scoping
  • Advertising & marketing campaigns
  • Social media content planning
  • Production planning
  • Stakeholder management support
Content Creation
  • Video
    • TV commercials
    • Brand films & documentaries
    • Social media films
    • Portraits & interviews
    • Behind-the-scenes
  • Photography
    • Advertising
    • Social media
    • Social media films
    • Behind-the-scenes
  • Post-production
    • Editing
    • Retouching/colour grading
    • Visual/sound effects
    • Motion graphics
    • Music composition
Content Performance
  • Social media support
  • Ad hoc creative services (e.g. format adaptations)
  • Performance and engagement monitoring
  • Legal advisory (e.g. licensing)
None of our work would be possible without the trust of, and collaboration with, our exceptional brand partners:

How we do it

Insight and understanding

Our broad experience and deep expertise give us the insights to motivate different audiences across a broad spectrum of sectors. And we have built long-standing relationships with many internationally-renowned brands to develop and evolve high-value moving image content.

Co-creation & Ideation

Co-creation is the key to our success. Working closely with you, we uncover your brand’s most compelling stories. We then build on this strategic foundation through the ideation process to create powerful concepts to take into production. High-quality creative output requires exacting planning and execution: our open and inclusive method involves all your internal and external stakeholders to speed up the decision-making process, overcome potential obstacles and help projects run smoothly. We also create cost benefits through synergies in conception, production and distribution

Holistic programmes

We tell these brand stories beautifully to create holistic content that works seamlessly across multiple channels. Brand stories work best if they are told consistently across all touchpoints, where your audiences can actively engage with them. Our involving, thought-provoking commercials, images and social media stories make time stand still for your audience, inviting them to lean in and truly experience your brand. This all makes driving social media engagement simpler.

Measure, monitor, evolve

High-value content is only as compelling as its impact, so all our work is carefully monitored, and its effect is always measurable. Setting quantifiable targets lets us follow up with detailed data analysis to demonstrate success. But this is just the start point – we use these learnings to evolve even more engaging and effective on-going campaigns with you and your brand.

Return on Imagination

As you can see from our work, the magic we make adds up to far more than the sum of its parts. We call it Return on Imagination. Imagine where it could take your brand.


We help our clients win by building strong emotional connections with their target audience in a rapidly evolving market by combining remarkable ideas and stunning films.

We take great pride in building long term partnerships with our clients by developing creative ideas & stylish film and photo productions. Taking the time to create trust which leads to confidence results in a very high percentage of our clients returning to work with us after our initial engagement.

We create powerful visual stories because we get involved early, work with agencies and brands directly, giving a lot of individual attention to our partners.

We track the effectiveness of our visual content using the latest technology to assess its emotional impact and ability to generate engagement. Our partners are empowered to invest in their media plans with higher certainty that their content generates strong engagement.

Founded in London, our offices in Mayfair, UK and Soho, New York support our international presence and growing team.
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